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Balaguer, Milewski, & Imbrogno is one of the leading healthcare litigation defense firms in Delaware.


Who we are

Balaguer, Milewski, & Imbrogno is a law firm of experienced Delaware trial lawyers.  Because we defend only a limited number of complex, significant cases, we partner closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and objectives. In our client relationships, clear communication, individual attention, support and encouragement are just as important as winning strategy and sound legal advice.

We have a proven track record of success at trial in high stakes cases. We combine rigorous preparation, the engagement of world class experts, and the use of sophisticated courtroom technology to successfully defend even the most challenging matters. When trial is not the best option, we have decades of experience in alternative dispute resolution strategies to bring litigation to an efficient and cost-effective conclusion. 

Finally, unlike many of our big law colleagues, our focus is on Delaware.  So every step of the way, our clients benefit from our thorough knowledge of this state and its unique and highly regarded court system.

Our Attorneys

Our team of experienced Delaware trial lawyers.

John D. Balaguer, Managing Partner at Balaguer Milewski & Imbrogno
John D. Balaguer
Managing Partner | Balaguer, Milewski, & Imbrogno
Stephen J. Milewski, Partner at Balaguer Milewski & Imbrogno
Stephen J. Milewski
Partner | Balaguer, Milewski, & Imbrogno
Lindsey E. Imbrogno, Partner at Balaguer Milewski & Imbrogno
Lindsey E. Imbrogno
Partner | Balaguer, Milewski, & Imbrogno
Emily K. Silverstein, Counsel at Balaguer Milewski & Imbrogno
Emily K. Silverstein
Counsel| Balaguer, Milewski, & Imbrogno
Sarah A. Fruehauf
Sarah A. Fruehauf
Counsel | Balaguer, Milewski, & Imbrogno
Deborah S. Flippen,  Associate | Balaguer Milewski & Imbrogno
Deborah S. Flippen
Associate | Balaguer, Milewski, & Imbrogno
Deborah A. Cuoco
Deborah A. Cuoco
Associate | Balaguer, Milewski & Imbrogno

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